What can OBSERV® 520x be used for?

The OBSERV® 520x is an innovative skin analysis machine, that allows us to produce high quality photographs of our patients’ facial skin. It reveals how subtle signs of ageing and skin health contribute to appearance, and its advanced lighting modes help identity the root cause of specific skin concerns and conditions.

Why use OBSERV® 520x?

The OBSERV® 520x is a powerful tool that allows us to understand the skin of our clients and provide individual, comprehensive care and treatments.

What are the benefits of OBSERV® 520x?

By seeing what lies under the skin’s surface, we are able to identify the possible causes for specific skin concerns and conditions and offer personalised advice and treatment plans to address the diagnostic. Having visual assets documenting the skin’s transformation throughout and after the treatment process allowing patients to see their progress and the efficiency of their bespoke treatment.

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