Intracel Pro

INTRAcel Pro™

Confidence in Your Skin

INTRAcel Pro™ uses a combination treatment approach, through combining radiofrequency and microneedling, to provide patients with superior, natural-looking results.

• Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
• Tighten and improve skin texture
• Reduce the signs of ageing
• Minimal discomfort and downtime

81% of patients rated INTRAcel™ Pro as exceeding their expectations or were very pleased

“The INTRAcel™ treatment achieved results way beyond my expectations. My skin has improved dramatically and looks absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to see the results from a second treatment”.

– Patient Testimonial

“This is the future of non-surgical skin tightening. The results are truly stunning”.

– Dr John Curran Aesthetic Skin Clinic Owner

INTRAcel Pro™ is an innovative, proven technology producing reliable results, reducing the signs of ageing, eliminating wrinkles and correcting scarring with little or no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily life quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can INTRAcel Pro™ be used to treat?
INTRAcel Pro™ treatments can improve the texture of your skin. It will minimise signs of ageing including sagging, fine lines and deep wrinkles. Also proven effective in treating acne, acne scars, large pores and stretch marks.

How does INTRAcel Pro™ work?
INTRAcel Pro™ uses fractional radiofrequency microneedling technology. Microscopic wounds are created deep down in the skin using tiny insulated micro-needles. This promotes the body’s own natural healing process, resulting in fresh new collagen production and skin texture improvements.

How soon will I notice results?

After just one treatment, skin is stimulated to produce more collagen and will start to feel smoother and tighter with visible results showing after two or more INTRAcel Pro™ sessions.

How long do INTRAcel Pro™ results last?
Results can vary, depending on the original quality of your skin and degree of damage. Normally INTRAcel Pro™ treatments continue to improve the skin for up to six months for plumper, glowing skin and smaller pores.

Is an INTRAcel Pro™ treatment painful?
A topical anaesthetic is advised to minimise any discomfort that the micro-needles may produce. Many patients describe feeling a slight prickling sensation while the treatment is in progress.

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